About Me

Adiame Shetland Sheepdogs is a small hobby kennel located In the Catskill Mountains near Cobleskill, NY. We compete in Agility, Herding, Rally, Obedience, and Tracking.

I became infatuated with shelties from a young age. Lassie was one of my favorite show's on TV. While I could not have a rough coated collie my grandparents bred Shelties or as I called them as a boy 'miniature collies'. I later came to realize they were not miniature collies but a different and distinct breed all their own. My love of Shelties continued and shortly after I graduated from college after returning to the United States from Japan I purchased my first sheltie from Millennium Shelties in central NY. I was bitten hard by the sheltie bug then and quickly developed 'multiple sheltie syndrome'. My second sheltie and my foundation bitch was purchased, very gratefully, from Amanda Patterson-Inzinna of Canami Shelties. Since then my pack has grown.